Wednesday, 5 June 2019


A reminder that Tuesday, June 11th is the date for our final science test on air and flight. It is on the properties of air, forces of flight, the Bernoulli principle and a practical component of position of a planes ailerons & direction of flight. 

With the end of the year approaching so quickly, we are already beginning planning for our end of year activities and, most importantly, preparing for your transition to grade 7. 

We hope to see your parents at our leaving ceremony which will be held on Wednesday, June 26th at 12:30. 

Wednesday, 27 February 2019


Our science study of space has investigated the relationship between our Earth, the Moon & the Sun and we have discovered several answers. 

  • Why a day is 24 hours?
  • Why a year is 365.5 days?
  • Why we here in Canada have 4 seasons?
  • What are the 8 moon phases?
  • Why we see lunar and solar eclipses?
  • What is the difference between meteorites, comets & asteroids?
You will be able to demonstrate your knowledge of these in next week's test on Tuesday, March 5th. We are also about to begin our space project. Please begin collecting materials that you want for building your space station. 

We are hoping to secure a visit to the Aviation museum as there is a shortage of bus drivers making it difficult to book our trip. Stay tuned!

Many thanks to all of the grade sixes for their contributions to our cake raffle which raised over $1500.00 towards our end of year trip! 

As we begin term 2, efforts need to increase with communicating in French all afternoon.  Finally, kindly return your French pathway forms by Friday March 8th. If you or your parents are unsure of the best choice for next year, I am available to discuss any of your concerns.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

C'est électrique!

Happy New Year grade sixes! We've hit the ground running this 1st week back with lots of activities. 
Frisbee Rob, snowshoeing and floorball were our physical activities.  
Also we've completed our electricity unit by investigating energy forms, static electricity, what makes a good conductor and series/parallel circuits. Our unit test is next Friday, January 18th. Remember that you can stay in for any recess to do further exploration of our electrical materials any time next week.  

Wednesday, 21 November 2018


Next Thursday, November 29th, there will be one last test in French grammar on possessive adjectives. Please study by reviewing the 2 step identification process. First: identify who the person is to know which of the adjectives on your chart to choose from. Second: identify what the possession is and if it is masculin/feminin, singular or plural to then choose which specific adjective to choose from the group. 

Example: Elle a un chien.
Step 1: Personne - "Elle"so we select the "son, sa, ses" group.
Step 2: Possession - "un chien" which is masculin & singular
We then select the adjective of "son"
Answer: C'est son chien.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018


I am very proud of the huge effort you have put forth these last 2 weeks in preparation for Friday's Remembrance Day Liturgy!  I have been amazed at the collaboration, decision making and positive feedback you have all demonstrated throughout this making of our ceremony. 

Hopefully you have all prepared your clothing of black pants and white (no logos or writing) top. 

Next week, we continue with our social studies unit on Canada and its role in the world. We will also, begin our next science unit on electricity. 

We've talked a lot about getting a good night's sleep and frequent hand washing as the flu and cold season is unfortunately here!  Be well!

Friday, 19 October 2018


This is your reminder to review by practising your verbs for next Friday's test (October 26). The test will include conjugating verbs in the passé composé and futur proche. It will also test your knowledge of the negative form. 
Remember to learn your 3 verbs well: avoir, être and aller. Review your instruction notes and/or see me if you continue to need assistance. 

Sunday, 30 September 2018


September has been a busy month! 
As our science unit on Biodiversity winds down, please schedule time to review your notes this coming week for our unit test on Tuesday, October 9th. We will also be reviewing content in class this week to help you prepare. With the upcoming long weekend, I suggest that you begin your studying before the Thanksgiving festivities.
Our biodiversity project will also begin in the next week or two. It is developed and completed at school so their will be no at home work, unless you fall behind. 
We have also begun our verb review. This is a necessary step to reinforce our knowledge use of properly conjugated verbs in speaking and writing. 

A gentle reminder to do your best to donate a baked good for our Tornado relief bake sale this week.