Friday, 19 October 2018


This is your reminder to review by practising your verbs for next Friday's test (October 26). The test will include conjugating verbs in the passé composé and futur proche. It will also test your knowledge of the negative form. 
Remember to learn your 3 verbs well: avoir, être and aller. Review your instruction notes and/or see me if you continue to need assistance. 

Sunday, 30 September 2018


September has been a busy month! 
As our science unit on Biodiversity winds down, please schedule time to review your notes this coming week for our unit test on Tuesday, October 9th. We will also be reviewing content in class this week to help you prepare. With the upcoming long weekend, I suggest that you begin your studying before the Thanksgiving festivities.
Our biodiversity project will also begin in the next week or two. It is developed and completed at school so their will be no at home work, unless you fall behind. 
We have also begun our verb review. This is a necessary step to reinforce our knowledge use of properly conjugated verbs in speaking and writing. 

A gentle reminder to do your best to donate a baked good for our Tornado relief bake sale this week. 

Sunday, 16 September 2018


A very warm welcome to grade 6 immersion! I'm looking forward to our adventure together. 

Parents, as I've mentioned to my students, these blog postings will be updated with information on an as needed basis. I have encouraged your child to subscribe to this blog if they have access to an email. It is an important year of transition as we get ready for grade 7 in a new school. You, of course, are more than welcome to subscribe as well and, together, we will guide your child through their grade 6 year.

It has already been a fantastic beginning. We have delved into French language in all strands, and begun our science unit on biodiversity. 

Please note, where homework is not assigned on a weekly basis, studying for tests (I will always update this blog at least a week in advance) and the goal of daily immersion into French reading, listening or speaking is the most important homework routine. Students, try to establish regular times around your busy home life as it will certainly pay off in further developing your comprehension and expression skills.

We have our yearly retreat field trip this coming Tuesday. A wonderful day of coming together. 

I hope to meet your parents this Thursday, September 20th, where you can give them a tour of our classroom!